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    This letter is to invite you to join the Minnesota United Government Prayer Coalition
    Be part of a network of those who will pray the attached prayer daily from now until State certification of the 2022 election results has been completed on November 29th. (see details in the section below for specific information and timing).

    • God’s mission and assignment is to establish a MN United Government Prayer Net anchored by daily praying the specific God-given prayer  - see the link below.
    • To be a part of this coalition simply pray the attached prayer daily in unity of heart - 7 min/day.
    • This prayer was birthed and crafted by 7 MN prayer ministries who carry a government emphasis.  
    • Contributing government prayer organizations are: Awaken the Dawn; Capitol Prayer Network; MN Apostolic Prayer Network; MN Governor’s Prayer Team; MN Legislative Prayer Caucus; National Day of Prayer; Restore MN

    *CLICK this link to open the Minnesota United Government Prayer

    Here are 3 additional strategies for you to consider:

    1. Cover an elected office (listed below in Ways to Cover) as you pray the prayer - 7 min/day. Consider praying it with your elected office team (see details) 2x weekly. This can be as straightforward as praying in unison over the phone. 15 min/week
    2. Join a shalom 'counting center' team - this would be a 3 person team observing and praying in county election centers. Foundationally, carry the prayer & shalom in your heart. Est 3-5 hours election night.
    3. Intercessory team - covering 1&2 above with special emphasis on #2, election night. 

    Below are assignment details followed by the prayer’s background if these would be helpful to you.


    If you will serve in one of the above strategies, have any questions, or want to be kept updated with developments, please email Lisa Doyle at ldoyle57@comcast.net. Let her know the area in which you will participate.

    Ways to cover -

    • Pray for MN government in general
    • Pray for a specific elected office ie. your Legislative Branch (Senate district #, House district #), an office of the Executive Branch (Gov, Lt. Gov, Atty Gen, Sec'ty of State, Auditor) or the Judicial Branch.
    • Join a county Shalom team - see details below.
    • Pray with an intercessory prayer team - email Lisa Doyle

    *CLICK this link to open the Minnesota United Government Prayer

    Additional Details - God’s directives for the prayer's use

    A. Prayer Net

    A specific strategy the Lord has directed is to build a government prayer net. This is a network of individuals and 3-5 person (cord of 3 strands) teams for state level elected positions listed at the end of this paragraph.The assignment is first to whole heartedly, in full agreement, pray this prayer daily as an individual. If you would cover an elected office, please choose one where you have habitational authority - ideally where you live, but it could also be your place of business. A senate district and its 2 component house districts are a team. The 5 executive offices are a team. If you cover a legislative or executive elected office, we will ask you about praying with others in your team 2 times per week. The initial timeframe is through election certification. The elected positions are each Senate district, each House district, each of the 5 Executive branch offices (Gov, Lt. Gov, AG, SOS, Auditor) and for now, the Judiciary as a whole.


    B. Shalom Team

    God has given an additional strategy based on this prayer and an understanding Lisa heard from Mike Jacobs of RPN regarding the meaning of the 4 Hebrew characters of SHALOM - destroy the authority that establishes chaos. While praying with her city prayer partner over election precincts a few days later, Holy Spirit dropped into her heart that the county election counting centers can be places of chaos.The ekklesia has the authority, and responsibility, to speak shalom, enforcing the spiritual destruction of chaos and resulting in Kingdom order. Interestingly, a few days after that, a leader just happened to mention our MN constitutional right to be present as citizens in those centers. To make the point, a week later, a list of the 7 worst (in terms of questionable vote numbers) MN counties was seemingly randomly posted on the thread of a national election data analyst!


    We are forming and equipping counting center shalom teams to be prayerfully on site during the vote counting with the SHALOM revelation.The ekklesia will be present. It is the right of every MN citizen according to MN statute to observe this process.There are many details being finalized; the assignment will be carried out, prayerfully, legally, safely and with understanding.


    C. Election Certification

    Election results are not official until they have been reviewed and certified by a canvassing board. Here are MN Secretary of State links:


    https://www.sos.state.mn.us/media/4724/2022-secretary-of-state-elections-calendar.pdf, page 172)



    In response to a long-standing heart cry for strategic effective prayer, God gave Lisa Doyle an assignment to gather leaders of MN government prayer networks to craft a united prayer for MN government. In early Sept., she felt directed to speak to Sue Witherington. It turns out that Sue had embarked on the very same vision 2 years ago but was halted when covid hit. Events unfolded quickly; within 2 weeks the leaders heartily agreed and were able to meet on Sept 26! The final group included leaders within the 7 ministries listed at the bottom of the prayer.


    They met in a leader’s home and filled a huge whiteboard with Holy Spirit’s words after spending 45 minutes listening to Him individually. Using the whiteboard contents, they were directed to take a week to craft individual prayers. One person was commissioned first to consolidate these prayers, meaning sort all prayer points into sections, then to craft a draft prayer for review. After a few rounds of email tweaking and issue resolution, a subset of the group met for a final working session then initial proclamation from the MN Capitol’s foundation on Oct 17.


    A key aspect of the above process deserves highlighting. Unity of heart and full faith words were foundational. A very effective prayer leader has taught, “Faith ends at the question mark”; some would add, "or at the very least wobbles". We took time to really settle on precise wording we could firmly sink our faith into.