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    Pastor Sara is an ordained minister and her heart is for people to encounter God at a personal level, know His heart of love for themselves, and live in the freedom Jesus provided.


    Sara gave her heart to Jesus in 1999 when she asked the question, “What is the truth?” and the Lord responded with John 14:6 and when she read that there was a deep heart revelation that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Sara had a hunger for the Word and learning, started to take Bible classes and read teachings from Kenneth Hagin and others.

    At that time, Sara was working as a successful technology consultant, managing large corporate projects. As she prayed a simple prayer, she asked the Lord, “What can I do to serve you better?”. The Lord appeared to her in a glory cloud in the middle of the night, and she heard the authoritative audible voice of God responding: “Children’s Healing Center”.


    Sara followed God’s direction one step at a time, directing her to complete the projects with her clients and not to take on new projects, finish Bible school and get involved with Pastoral Care and Healing Services.

    After responding to the Lord’s direction, Sara had another encounter with The Lord in October of 2003 at LWCC Prayer conference. While Dr. Billye Brim was ministering, Sara was engulfed with His glory for an extended time equipping her for the call. Sara received another significant impartation directly from the Lord at a 2004 ministry leadership conference.


    Sara has dedicated her life to His plans since then and has brought God’s love, presence, and His Word to people through prayer, teaching, healing services, hospital visitations including mental health facilities, evangelism, individual ministry, mentoring, and ministry to the homeless. Pastor Sara’s heart is to bring people into encounter with God to be whole and free and continues to see God’s miraculous hands bring life and restoration to those in need.

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