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Multiple Prophetic Words - Brother Hagin

Kenneth E. Hagin Prayer Seminar April 1983 Prophecies, Words of Wisdom and Prayers


Neither can they hold you captive.

Neither can they hold you in defeat.

Neither can they hold you in sickness.

Neither can they hold you in captivity.

For the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwelleth in you and will quicken your mortal body by His Spirit that dwelleth in you. Yea, look even unto Him and sound forth a note of praise.

Believe ye and ye shalt receive.

Put the enemy to flight.

For you see, he knows that Name by day and by night. That Name that’s above every name. The name of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. So rise up strong in faith and boldly declare that Name and you’ll enjoy your inheritance. For you see He did it all for your sake.


Just to sit still or stand still, or lie still and bemoan your situation and bemoan your condition, and talk about those that are against you will only give the enemy authority and power over you. Causing you to sink down even deeper into despair and


defeat. But rising up in faith and declaring that in Him you are complete will cause you to stand up and not sit down. Will cause you to stand up and not stand still but march forward with you feet planted firmly on His Word, His promise and what He said. And your lips speaking forth a psalm of praise. For the Lord God is alive and not dead. Yea, He is my Father and I am His child. I’ll walk in the light of His Word and in the power of His Spirit. I’ll glorify His Name and worship Him too. For He’s raised me up. Yea, He made me to sit together with Him in heavenly places. Even in Christ Jesus do I have my being, live and move and breathe. And I’ll sound forth praises unto His Name.

Victory is not a thing to be desired and longed for. Victory is mine to enjoy today tomorrow and forever. So praise the Lord and magnify His Name. Know what your rights and privileges are and you will find that the enemy will always be put to flight. And life will not be a drudgery nor every day the same. But life will be sublime. Filled with His presence, yea, filled with His power. Full of His glory; shining forth even unto the darkness. And light through thee shall shine. And many will come and fall in behind to follow you in the light that shines.

Deliverance will come and great victory in the life of those around about. And you will be filled with His praise. And your mouth ever with a shout. And the enemy will be put on the run because he knows what it’s all about.

Kenneth E. Hagin Prayer Seminar 4/28/1983 PM Thurs.

Word of Wisdom: Word of Knowledge of What the Holy Ghost Is Saying. But here’s what the Holy Ghost — do you want to know what the Holy Ghost is

saying? I’ll tell you what the Holy Ghost is saying.

In this move,

In this move,

In this move that is about to come, and even you’re in the edge of it right now. It

will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. I’ll be a combination of everything you’ve seen put together and then plus a little bit more.

This — in this move of God that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out demons that you haven’t seen yet.

Now some have drawn back from casting out demons. And the Spirit of God said, “I began a move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move, they mixed some of their own thinking in on it and they tried to control it, and do it according to pattern. And according to this way that we think it ought to be done.” But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons.

For demons are let loose upon the earth, they’re going about as never before. Because they know their time is short! And so in this multiplication, this advance of demon activity there will be the activity of the Holy Ghost. Demons that have harassed men, demons that have held ministries in check [hallelujah] will leave.

And you have not seen yet what you will see in the area of dealing with demons, casting out demons; exercising authority over demons, and we’re about to step into it. Like you’d step through a door into another room.

And secondly saith the Spirit of God, “You have not seen the revival of divine healing that you’re about to see.” Oh yes you saw those that I raised up. You’ve seen men and women, mightily used of My Spirit. I sent them forth as a pilot program to try to train you. But many just looked at them and lifted them up, and some of them were lifted up in pride and the anointing left them. And some became money minded and lost the anointing. But there will arise a group in this day that’s a brand new breed. They’ll not be greedy of filthy lucre. They’ll not be wanting to attract attention unto themselves. They would care less whether God uses me. They’d rather God would use you. And God’ll not just use ministers, He’ll use laymen. And there’ll be a revival of divine healing such as you have not seen in your life time, or read about, or heard about, saith the Lord!

And a revival of the supernatural, not only the supernatural in casting out devils. Not only the supernatural in healing the sick. Not only the supernatural in speaking with other tongues. But the supernatural in the realm of the seen realm. Men will see the glory of God, a cloud will hang over certain congregations, even the church building for days at a time. And everybody that passes by, sinner and saint alike will say, “Well what in the world is that? I’ve never seen any thing like that.” Ha, ha, ha.

And there will be in other places, there will be in other places fire of the Spirit that will actually become literal. Oh yes in the spirit realm some of us have seen it. In the spirit realm we’ve been conscious of the fire of God. But the fire will actually come into manifestation. And there’ll be people sinners as well as saints, that will see fire all over the heads of the people.

There’ll be people driving down the street, or down the highway and they’ll see fire on top of the buildings. And they’ll come and say, “What does all this mean?”

But you see the Lord will use signs of His presence to bring people in the last days, into the fullness of His Spirit, and into full salvation.

And signs, signs!

What kinds of signs?

Miraculous things in the realm of the spirit! And then they’ll be manifested in the realm of the physical. And the glory of God will fall. And the power of God will be in manifestation. And men will —and women too. Will even be transported like Philip was and found in another place. And great! GREAT! GREAT! Shall be the reward thereof.

For the Lord God is the same God today as He was yesterday. His power has not diminished. And His Name is still the same. Today He can make the iron axe-head to float. Today He can divide the river just for two men to cross over on the other side. Today He can feed five thousand with a little boy’s lunch. He is the miracle Working God.

Brag on Him! Lift Him up! Draw attention unto Him! Tell about how great He is. Get up in faith and tell what great things He’s going to do.

And He’ll move and keep His Word with you! And many shall be astonished. But

the greatest miracle of all is that there’ll be so many fish caught in the net that the nets can’t hold them. There won’t be church houses enough to hold the people. Amen, Amen.

For the purpose of it all is that you may be fishers of men. Hallelujah! Quit fishing, Hallelujah! Quit fishing in your bathtub. There’s not any fish in your own bathtub. Go out where the fishes are and throw out the net. Not the hook the NET! And pull it in. hallelujah. And bring them in.

And the glory of the Lord shall shine. And the end time shall come. And you’ll stand in the place, yes many of you that stand here including myself, will stand in the place of ministry that you’ve not stood in before. And will stand in the place that’s been ordained for you from the foundation of the earth! Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

And if it were to be — if it could...if it could... if it could be told you. If we were able to tell you in human language that which will transpire in some of your lives, and some of our lives who are here just now. Your mind would not be able to comprehend it. As you say speaking in the human vernacular, it would almost blow your mind. But you’ll see it! You’ll rejoice in it! You’ll be glad of it! It’s just out there a little ways in front of you. Be faithful, be joyous, and rejoice in the Lord always. And He’ll bring it to pass.

That’s what the Spirit of God is saying. That’s what the spirit of God is saying.

Let’s stand up everybody. Lift your right hand and close your eyes and say it in faith: I’m in agreement with you.

I may not understand it with my mind. Even if it was told me I might not be able to comprehend it. But I believe it! I believe it! I commit myself to be one that will be used of God. I go on record tonight. I’ll pay the price. I’ll make the sacrifice. I’ll deny the flesh. I’ll walk in the spirit. I’ll be one who’ll walk in the flow of God and do the will of God. And the work of God. I will give myself to prayer. I will give myself to the Spirit of God. If He calls on me in the nighttime, I’ll be on my knees praying. If I’m never seen of man and am always just behind the scenes, I’ll be faithful. The will of God will be done. The work of God shall be accomplished.

Many shall go and tell the story, and His great glory show. The power of God in manifestation shall be the gifts of the Spirit, the manifestation of His Spirit. Into full potential shall come the ministry gifts, the apostle and prophet, the evangelist, and pastor and teacher too. Shall flow as one, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. And we as one, one body, in one spirit, hallelujah, shall go forth to conquer and to do His deeds. And great shall be the reward thereof.

Now put your other hand up and thank Him. Glory to God. Now let me give you a further word of wisdom and advice.

Being conscious of a mighty move in your spirit wanting and desiring to do the will of God. But don’t try to do it yourself. Just learn to relax and to flow with the Spirit. Don’t try to figure out in your head, What does He want me to do?” Just learn to relax and flow with the Spirit, it’ll take care of itself you don’t have to worry.

I just wonder, I know there’s something, I know there is something He wants me to do. Fine just keep on praying. And just flow with the Spirit. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you tomorrow. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next week. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next month. Some will not even come into the full potential of what God has for you next year. Some will not for quite a period of time. But, as you’re faithful, and as you’re trained, and as you learn to yield, you’ll move eventually into that place, hallelujah, that He had for you all along.

Glory to God. Glory to God. Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Praise His holy Name. But you see moving into that place of ministry or whatever it is, whether it’s full time ministry, or pulpit ministry, or personal ministry, or whatever your place is in the Body of Christ. Moving into that place is fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit and ignited with his glory. Hallelujah to Jesus. Glory to God. I said, “Glory to God.” Glory to God. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, praise God.

But you see if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to ignite. Notice the Spirit said [I never thought of that, it came out of the inside of me] fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. You have to stop and analyze that, there’s a different between firing, igniting — yes.

You see it’s like the furnace, you see? There’s a pilot light there that fires the thing. And then when the whole thing has become ignited then the heat flows out. Ha, ha, ha, can you see what He’s saying? Fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. Hallelujah. I never though of that. I mean it just flowed up out of my Spirit. But you see if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to fire. If there’s no fuel, there’s nothing to fire. Fueled by prayer, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Kenneth E. Hagin Prayer Seminar 4/29/83 PM Fri.



For the Lord is good and His mercy does exist forever. Yea, ever!

And it is extended even toward me.

I’m walking in His love.

I’m walking in His mercy.

I’m walking in His Light.

I’m walking in His Word.

I’m filled with His Spirit.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

He does sustain me day and night.

I rejoice and am exceedingly glad, for He is mine and I am His.

*Now I spoke with tongues and interpreted a psalm. Hallelujah! You can speak by prophecy.



Fear is not of God.

Fear is a spirit from the evil one.

For He’s not given us a spirit of fear.

But He’s given us a spirit of power and of love, and of a sound mind.

You have no right to have fear down here.

For He’s come that you might have cheer.

So look to Him in faith and declare the Word is true.

And rise above all that your eye doth see; and your hand doth feel; and your

physical senses relate.

Yea, look unto Him and know that it is not too late.

For He has redeemed you from all that would hinder and hold you in bondage. And you can shout above the turmoil, “It’s mine,

I’m walking in the land of the sublime.”

Yea, my spirit is glad and my heart doth rejoice;

My lips speak forth for He hears my voice.

Yea, yea, though the enemy may come and darkness prevail,

I’ll shout above the turmoil, “All is well.”

For He hath prevailed, and His Spirit rising up in me gives illumination to my

mind, Direction to my spirit, and I’ll stand where no one can fail.

(Brother Hagin laughs)

Move on over in to the place of laughing in the Spirit. Hallelujah. When God, when God turned Zion’s captivity, then was their mouth filled with laughter. The heaven said the Lord’s done great things for them. I do most of my laughing in the face of the devil. I do most of my laughing when the going gets hard. Most folks gripe; I laugh. Oh, when it looks dark — it’s not coming; it’s not going to work out.

“Oh, I know you must have an awful burden.” Some preacher friend said. “Building all this out there, carrying all that burden. Oh, I know it’s just such a stress.” No! I don’t carry any of it. The Lord carries all of it. Hallelujah to God! Amen!

Sure, we have tests. Sure, we have tests. Sure, there are times it looks like you’re not going to make it. Sure! But we just laugh and praise God right on through. Hallelujah to Jesus! Glory to God. Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me? Hallelujah. Then one given to singing — now, I’m not a singer, one given to singing would do more singing. I always recite psalms.

Jean Wilkerson Prophetic Utterance

Kenneth E. Hagin 4/29/1983 PM Fri.


Father, we just give You thanks this night. Oh, hallelujah. (Tongues) Praise the Lord (Tongues)

There Spirit of the living God is going to portray before you all of the parts of the life of Christ.

But it will be done in the supernatural, saith the Spirit of the Lord. You’re.... (Tongues)

He will call on different individuals. It will be the most unusual production you have ever witnessed, saith the Spirit of the Lord.

Oh... (Tongues) you will hear singing like you’ve never heard. You will hear sounds that are not earthly. Hallelujah. They will be coming through human voices, but they will not be (Tongues) coming from the human mind.

They will becoming from another world. That world that though you do not believe that it really exists, it’s the most real, the most powerful, the most majestic, the most beautiful of all worlds. And that world is going to begin to invade this one more, and more, and more, and more. Hallelujah!

Ah, ha! Ooh, hallelujah.

I’m going to literally (Tongues)...I’m going to put on scenes in (Tongues) a dimension that is even greater than the dimension that men speak of today and the fourth dimension. Hallelujah. (Tongues)

There is a seventh dimension that I’m going to make known, saith the Lord of Hosts. Hallelujah. (Tongues)

It will (Tongues)... You’re going to see a crop that you have never seen produced. You’re going to see a bumper crop in this hour, saith the Spirit of the Lord. And the hour is upon you.

You’re going to thrust in the sickle and the ground is going to reap the harvest. Hallelujah. (Tongues)

It is no longer going to be such hard labor in places. Nations are going to begin to yield to Me, saith the Spirit of the Lord. One that you will soon see, saith the Spirit, will...(Tongues) of the major cities of the world that My eye has been on for many years, and it is London, England, Hallelujah. (Tongues)

I know... (Tongues) I will....(Tongues)

You see another city that the eye of the man of sin is upon, that is the city wherein is located the Common Market. (Tongues) But before that Common Market becomes the vehicle of the antichrist system, that city is going to know a might sweep of God. That city is Brussels, Belgium. Hallelujah.

And some of you who sit here tonight will be in on these two great moves of God that will be in these cities. (Tongues) It will be news worthy. Hallelujah! Even the president of the United States will back you, saith the Lord of hosts.


I’ll tell you what the Spirit is doing up here. Here is saying this: He is saying that there is a certain protocol that you’re even going to have to know before you arrive in the presence of the King of Kings. You see there is a protocol that goes with the entrance to any person of great dignity and power.

But God is saying, before Brother Hagin arrives in that hour when he’s going to stand before the King of Kings of all the universe, he is also (Tongues)...

He is grooming him for standing before some dignitaries in a foreign land. Hallelujah. And that will soon come to pass. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. For the hour is at hand. For the hour is at hand. (Tongues)

Many of you do not even know why you’re here tonight, why you’ve been drawn to this place. Year after year after year after year, you have been drawn here because you are being also prepared for this last great end time production of God. Hallelujah. Ha, ha.

Praise the Name of Jesus.

So this is what the Spirit is doing tonight.

He is laying the beautiful groundwork that is soon to... (Tongues) Spread out all

over the world. Hallelujah. (Tongues)

Business men if you will believe Me, the Spirit is saying, if you will believe Me,

though the heavy weight of death hangs over you tonight like the Damocles sword, hallelujah (Tongues) If you will give me your word that you will obey My voice within one year’s time you will not owe a dollar to any individual, saith the Spirit, if you will obey Me. Hallelujah. Hallelujah! Hallelujah. (Tongues) Such exciting, such thrilling things are in the making, saith the Lord of Host

(Tongues) could you to the piano?

(Sings in the spirit with piano accompaniment) When I speak, I will lift that death from you. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Come on and join me. You’re going to hear a well of singing in the Spirit. Hallelujah, you’ve never entered into if you’ll begin....There is a level... (Tongues)


I want to tell you, you entered into the presence of the King. You’re standing in His courts. Everything that is chaff, everything that is unlike Him dissipates in that beautiful atmosphere and that light, and that voice of that other world; the One that set this in motion and has sustained it since the world began. I ... (Tongues)

(Singing in the Spirit)

Hallelujah. Praise the Name of Jesus. Praise. (Weeping)

David Ingles: (Ministering in music)

Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, You’re my Standby. (Bro. Hagin chuckling) You’re my Help.

Holy Ghost, You’re the Mighty One.

You’re living in me, living in me, Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, You’re my Standby, You help me the most.

Holy Ghost, You stand by me.

You’re living in me, dwelling in me, Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, You’re my standby, You help me the most. Holy Ghost, You’re living in me. You’re dwelling in me Your power to show, Holy Ghost.

DAVID INGLES: (Sings “Praying in the Spirit”)

Dr. Hagin in the Spirit 10/15/1983 PM

Fall Prayer Seminar

You see, when you get in the Spirit, then the Spirit can talk to you. He’s there all

the time, but you get in position. You get in condition. And then you got INTO POSITION. Ha, ha. Did you hear me? You get in CONDITION, AND THEN YOU GET INTO POSITION. Praise God, where He can speak to you. And thank God He will...I said, “thank God, He will.”

Praise His holy Name. Whoo, glory. I don’t know whether I’ve helped you or not? I’ve preached me happy. I don’t know about you, I’ve got a lot of notes, just a lot of them, I’ve got them all out and all of them together. But, I don’t know about you, I just like to follow the Spirit of God, whatever He wants brought out. I don’t have to stay with my notes. I can if I need to, but I don’t have to. If the Holy God wants to emphasize something, that’s the reason we’re going to trust Him, to fit it, to fit that crowd. What’s the most needed at the moment. And He will lead us rightly.


Thank You dear Lord for Your bountiful provision. For the Holy Spirit, the Great One, the Greater One, Who now is sent to indwell us. To help us in every area of our life, but I think in my own individual life, I appreciate more the help of the Holy Spirit in the prayer life, than I do anywhere else. Glory to God. For HE IS our Helper.

And we know not for what to pray as we ought. But the Spirit Himself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Oh, glory to God.

The great Apostle Paul said, “For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit by the Holy Spirit within me prayeth. But my understanding is unfruitful. May we take

advantage of all of Your bountiful provision. Take time to wait upon You. Hallelujah, and minister unto You, worship You, hallelujah. Until You speak to us giving guidance unto our spirits. Illumination unto our minds. Direction unto our spirits that we cannot receive from any other source.

We are not orphans.

We are not forlorn.

We are not forsaken.

We are not bereaved.

We’re not helpless.

We’re not Comfortless, the Great one lives in us. Awww hallelujah. He is our Comforter.

He is our Counselor.

He is our Helper.

He is our Intercessor.

He is our Advocate.

He is our Strengthener.

He is our Standby. Ohhhhhhh TONGUES....

Oh yes we thank You our Father, we have no confidence in the flesh. We do not

trust in the arm of flesh. Our confidence and faith is not in man or in his ability, or in his power, or in man’s wisdom, or in man’s knowledge. But our confidence, our hope, our faith is in Thee, oh Lord. In Thy wisdom.

For Christ is made unto us wisdom of God. Sanctification, redemption, righteousness. So we stand in Christ Jesus robed in His righteousness, washed in His blood.

Our minds are not befuddled.

Our minds are not muddled.

We are not in a daze.

Thank God we’re strengthened from within. We are strengthened from within.

Strengthened with might by Thy power and Spirit in the inner man. I’m a thousand times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.

OHHHH TONGUES For the Greater One dwells in me. He is greater than any test. He is greater than any trial that I face. He’s greater than any power that could come against me, or any force that could come against me. He’s greater than he that’s in the world and He’s in me. He rises up in me. He speaks unto my spirit. He enlightens my spirit. He fills my entire being with light — TONGUES

And while others are in darkness, and others are feeling their way and say, “I do not know, I cannot see” yea, He rises up within me and directs my path. And I know the way in which I should walk, glory to God. And I walk in the way of the Lord. For my paths are directed by Him. Yea, yeah, He is the strength of my life, and my portion forever. I shall not fear what man shall do unto me. For He is my Helper, and my Strengthener.

TONGUES ... and while others, yea, men are searching for answers, and many in the Church are searching within their heads, ohhh within their intellects, and in the books of theology for the answers. Yea, the answer lives in me. Yea, the light dwells in me.

Yea, the answer, the wisdom, the direction, the guidance is all in my spirit. And so I rise up and walk in the light of the Spirit. For I am Spirit-led. Hallelujah. Spirit-filled. And Spirit-taught Hallelujah.

We Thee oh Lord. We magnify Thy holy Name. We thank You for Your bountiful provision, for your great love for with you loved us, and made such wonderful provision for us. TONGUES....

And while others walk in the low lands of sorrow and bereavement, forlorn and saddened, overcome with the natural, overcome with the tests and trials of life. Darkened and almost alienated from the light.

Yet I rise above all the clouds of despair and doubt, I rise above all that Satan and all of his cohorts bring my way. And all that he may try to throw upon me. And above the turmoil shout, “The light it shined, the victory is come, direction is mine.”

I walk with the Holy one, ha, ha. (LAUGHING IN THE SPIRIT)

And in the face of the enemy, and darkness too. Though the rain clouds gather, and the lightening flashes too. Yet in the face of the storm I laugh because I know “Greater is He that’s in me, than the storm, the test, or the trial.” So I shall prevail, not because of me, but because of Him, for the Great One in me doth dwell.

Prayer Seminar Kenneth E. Hagin 10/20/1983 PM

Tongues and Interpretation:

Because, thus saith the Spirit of God, “There are some important facts that you

need to learn. There are some important truths and facets of truth that you have not seen before. And you’ll see it from a little different light. And a little light will shine in here,

and a little light there. And a little precept there. And as you move into the realm of the Spirit with the Word of God, and with the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ. You will be able to pray and get results in a way that you never have before. For the greatest hour of the church in the area of prayer, authority is now at hand, saith the Spirit of God.

Praise God. (Tongues)

But some go off on tangents and one way of doing things, Thus saith the Lord of hosts. And never come to the place where you think. Or never come to the place where you think that “I have arrived.” But always willing to change. Be willing to learn. Be willing to respond to My Spirit and surely I will guide thee, and teach thee. Teach thee into all truth. Teach thee My Word, and teach thee My ways. And you will be able to come into My presence with authority, and boldness that you have never exercised before to plead your case. And if you’ll listen to Me, I at times will plead My case. And we together will make the right decision. And so the work of God shall go forth. Your family will be blessed. Your friends will be blessed. Your children will be blessed. And all those around about you will be blessed. And the plan, the purpose of God shall be consummated upon the earth. And great shall be the joy and rejoicing of His saint.


For thus saith the Lord, “Follow my Spirit and let your words be seasoned with wisdom. And so thou shalt walk in a new dimension of prayer. Yea, I’ll take thee deeper than you’ve ever gone before. Even in the realm of the prayer. Oh, no, not out into some mystical realm where you’ll float around like a cloud in the sky and nobody will know what’s happening. But into a dimension of power, into a dimension of reality. Where you’ll stand still and see the salvation of the Lord with you. And plead your case and plead your rights. And I’ll commune with thee. And will direct your spirit. And you will know just exactly what I’m saying unto you. And I’ll lead you into praying in My Spirit. Where you’ll pray at another time with another tongue. And often time in praying in various tongues you’ll be praying for people on various parts of the earth who speak that language. And though you do not understand it or know it, blessing shall come unto them. Power shall be released unto them. Yea. Saith the Lord of hosts, “Let not man ruin the move of God by his wrong thinking.” Selfish feelings, and childlike maneuvers.

But rather let him assert himself, and submit himself to walk in the light of the Word. And always remember; submit unto authority. And My authority is the greatest authority of all. And My authority shall be delegated unto you. And you shall exert authority upon the earth. And great shall be the rejoicing thereof. Yea, saith the Lord of hosts, “A knowledge that has not been known before. A realm that has not been attained unto before. A dimension that has not been entered into before.”

[Oh, occasionally just in the edge of it]

Shall be entered into by those who desire to enter into the prayer fight. They will not endeavor to attract attention unto themselves. Anytime you attract attention unto yourself, you attract attention away from Me, saith the Lord. And so humble yourself and call upon Me and say, “Oh Lord, may no one see me, but may they see You. But make me an instrument in Your hand that You can use.”

And so it will be good with thee. And so it will be well with thee. And so the work of God shall be consummated and the will of God accomplished upon the earth.


We’re moving with the Lord. We’re moving toward the end. The end of all things is upon us. The end of time is upon us.

The enemy goeth about as never before, roaring as a lion, seeking whom he may devoir. Immorality, sexuality is rampant on every side. Spiritualism, false cults are rampant on every side. Homosexuality, lesbianism, and all kinds of sexual corruptness, is coming out of the hiding place into the full view of the public. And men merely shake their head, and go on.

But Christians are moved by the Spirit of God. And they shall lift up their voices with authority and say, “Thus far shall you come, Satan, and no further.” And stay the hand of the enemy. And stay the hand of judgment. Stay the hand of judgment until the message is carried around the world. Until the rain falls upon every nation. Until the harvest is reaped. And then the cry shall be made, the cry shall come forth, “Behold, the bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him.”

And what a day of rejoicing, and what a day of enlightenment, and what a day, hallelujah, of spiritual advancement. So prepare ye your hearts. Do not be deterred by anything that happens upon the earth. For those things are in the kingdom of man and the kingdom of Satan. But see to it that you function in the kingdom of God.

Instruction by Kenneth E. Hagin by the Spirit of God Prayer Seminar 10/20/1983 PM

Learn something about the move of the Spirit. God’s not going to move in the service if He’s got somebody up front that knows the moving of the Spirit and leading the service. Is He going to start something back here and not tell him? God’s not stupid. Are you listening to me? I mean, here...we’ve got 200 and some odd employees on this campus. Administration buildings. We’ve got different people over different areas. Are you listening to me?

Well I’m the head of it. Ken’s the Executive Vice-president. Well, you see, if I want to do something, do you think I go down and talk to the janitor and get him started on it. No, I first go talk some things with Ken, or go to department heads, and talk to them. You think God’s got as much sense as you do? He’s not going to start some moving out here somewhere.

I’ve always found out He’ll let me know what He’s going to do in that service and what He wants to do. He don’t always want me. He wants somebody somewhere else. Now see if I miss it. Praise God. See, you thought you missed it. You see, because it seems foolish, but there’s a real truth. There’s somebody over here. I don’t know who it is. I thought for a minute that maybe it was Dan. I don’t know. But ... because I thought it was a man.

Dan...I thought, because it was a man. You had an urge to run down that aisle and pull your coat off and throw it down here. Now go ahead and do it. Whoever it is. I don’t know who it is. If it’s you, Dan, well fine. That’s all right with me. But there’s somebody over there, praise God. Just go ahead and do it. Just go ahead and obey God.

You see, you’ll have to wait a minute for that to come back to you, because that was on you and then it left you, you see because you thought, that’s not God. Amen.

I’m waiting on you. Praise God, it’s right in that vicinity there either Brother Jones, or somebody. Amen. Right in that vicinity right in there. Go ahead. Don’t just stand there and look like an idiot. Praise God, and look stupid, Go ahead and obey...even if you don’t have the urge now, obey the urge that you had earlier. God wants to demonstrate something to us. Are you listening to me? Amen.

Well, if one of you men are not going to obey God, go ahead one of you ladies and obey Him. You see, if you don’t listen to God, He’ll use somebody else. Did you hear me? I said, did you hear me? Now, go ahead and obey God. Praise God. And we’ll go on. Praise God, with what God has to do. Praise the Lord. Thank You Lord Jesus. Just go right ahead and just do what God said do.

Somebody said, “Well, I don’t know whether God said it or not.” I said, you had an urge to do it. Just go ahead and do it. See, God wants to teach folks.

Somebody said, “Well, I’m going to wait for God to make me.” Well, if you waited for Him to make you get saved, you’d never get saved. God don’t make peoples do anything. He doesn’t use force. Are you listening to me? Praise God. Amen.

Back up to where you were there awhile ago. Just wait, just a minute and let’s all worship God. Let’s get in that same frame of mind we were there just a minute ago. Come running down there. Come running down there. Pull your coat off and throw it down. Praise God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Now then put your hands down and open your eyes and look at me. One of you poor men, bless your darling...that’s the reason God has to use women. Some folks gripe about using women, but see, some of these poor men are so stubborn, bless their darling hearts and stupid heads, to obey God. Amen. So then the Spirit has to get off of them and over onto a woman. Now here’s what the Spirit of God’s saying:

Prophetic Utterance:

Kenneth E. Hagin 10/20/1983 PM Prayer Seminar

It’s not time for you to sit still. It’s time for you to run because the hour is late.

And it’s time for you to strip yourself, like you’d pull off a coat, to strip yourself of all of your carnal inclinations. To lay aside all desire of the flesh. To lay aside all selfish motives. Yea, just pull them off, just like that woman pulled off her coat and throwed it down. And move on out into the realm of the Spirit. With self and pride left behind. And as you move with My Spirit, saith God, I’ll make you as a flaming fire. I’ll make you as a shining light. I’ll make you as a light in the darkness. To shine into the hearts of men and women. And so you shall be used of the Spirit of God and shall be blessed in your doing.

Well, now we can’t see you do it. You can see that coat. But in the spirit realm God can see you. Right now just lift your hands and throw off those things that hinder. Lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us. And let us run with patience the race that’s set before us.

Set aside all selfish ambitions. Set aside all wrong motives. Set aside all pride and spiritual pride. Yes, put it away. Put it away. Blessed be God. Amen. Lay aside double mindedness. Have one mind, one spirit one desire, bless God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. And that is to walk with understanding, yet you’re in the Spirit. See pray in the Spirit.

Prayer Seminar Kenneth E. Hagin 10/22/1983 AM


You see, most praying is here. It never gets beyond here. But you see you can also pray from your spirit, even with your understanding as well as with other Tongues. And so when praying is only mental it never accomplished much. It does not reach the Father of Spirits. And so Paul declared in our text: “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.”

In the Spirit!

For that’s the kind of praying that will bring forth spiritual results. The other kind of praying is more or less a religious praying, and about all it does is salve the conscience of the prayer in that, “Well, I prayed, God bless so and so. God bless this one. God bless that one.” And if you really knew the Word, you’d know that He’d already blessed them with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. And so that kind of praying does very little good at all other than only salving your conscience at - least I prayed. But when you move over into the realm of the spirit, you see, your spirit in contact with the Father of spirits will know things. Will see things. Will understand things. And if you’ll develop that you will develop in spiritual things. And your prayer will become spiritual praying and not mental praying.

That’s what the Holy Ghost is saying.