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2022 Word from Hannah Brim

This was a prayer/interpretation between Sister Billye and Hannah, I was not able to catch word-for-word, but this is the bulk of the word. Watch the replay for the actual word.) 

For years you have heard of the importance of words. Your murmuring and complaining I have heard. I told you what to say. The Lord is my helper, what can man do to me. Words give satan entrance. Seek His face, reflect Him. Shine unto Adams race. That’s why these meetings, I’ve called you to prayer and prayer meetings. You say them in tongues. Do this all week. You say what I say and shine. Men will see the light and come. Faith, love, power, life, all released by the tongue. Released in your words. You will shine for me and for the sake of those in gross darkness. I am calling them from darkness to my light. 

When a man, a woman, a child can be trusted to speak my words and be consistent with them, then there words will begin to come to pass immediately. Check yourself, can you be trusted? If you deem I can trust you to only say words of light then I will turn up the power in your mouth. You will see things come to pass immediately. Trust in me.