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Brother Hagin from 1987

A prophecy on the Last Days


The seer shall stand on the horizon of time and see that which God has planned and
know its purpose. Standing on the horizon of time, he shall look back into the
realm of time and see that which the enemy has planned. Yeh, yeh, yeh saith the
Lord of hosts – This is the time of restoration. This is the time of
visitation, the time of fresh renewing and outpouring and so the visitation of
the Lord shall be greater in these days than it was yesterday and the
manifestation of His power and glory shall be 100-fold more than it was
yesterday. Manifestation or supernatural miracles shall increase 100-fold more
than we’ve known in the past. 

Yeh, the glory of God shall be seen upon the face of many and many without a word
being spoken, just looking upon the face of the man of God, shall fall down in
repentance and cry out unto God. Members of that Body, enhanced by the Spirit,
on fire and maintaining the glow — men and women in the world shall look upon their
faces and fall down and say: “I don’t know what makes me do this.” 

Yeh, the power of God shall be in manifestation and your heart shall be rejoicing
and you shall be glad. And the work of God shall be consummated and many things
that have been spoken even unto men of God who sit in this place and shake
their heads and say: “O, that cannot be so – the work of God coming into the
spirits by the women of God and men of God.” And they declared by human
reasoning: “That is impossible – that cannot be so.” But, yes, saith the Lord
of hosts, all things are possible to him that believes. And with Me all things
are possible and the impossible shall become possible. And even many have said:
“It is possible but not probable.” Yeh, even the probable shall come into
manifestation and your hearts shall be made to rejoice and your spirits shall
be glad and the work of God shall be enhanced and the Kingdom of God shall be

And sitting upon the horizon of times and looking not only in the realm of the
spirit and seeing that which transpires in the spirit realm for the enemy goeth
about as never before, knowing that his time is short. Thou shall know and thou
shall share. And those who know how to pray will rise up in this hour and then
intercede and the forces of darkness shall be driven back and the evil spirits
and the powers of the enemy that would encroach on the things of God and the
people of God would be driven back. 

And so it is that the church shall stand tall in this hour and shall stand big in
this hour and rejoice in His power and looking into the realm of time ...not
limited by time or space. 

Yeh! I looked. I looked. I looked and I saw the hearts of men and, oh, they were
disturbed and perplexed. And I saw a black dark cloud rise up from the eastern
part of our nation, and it came out of the capital of our nation and men
responded unto that darkness that arose and walked with it. And that darkness
began to envelope this very land, but oh, oh, the hearts of many that know God
sensed in their spirits and those of us that stand on the horizon of time shall
sound forth a word of warning. 

And so there shall arise the mighty ones, those called of God, separated unto Him,
and they shall make intercession and the light shall shine and drive back the
darkness, the evil and wicked men shall fall. And there will be those (And
remember it was told unto you in advance. It was told unto you years in
advance.) There shall be those in high places who will fall down dead and some
shall say: “Oh, they would have made such a great leader. I cannot understand.”
But those who know the voice of the Spirit shall rejoice and be glad for ye
shall know the dark, that darkness, has been stayed and the hand of the enemy
has been defeated. 

And the Word of the Lord that is to be consummated in those few short years to come
will be consummated and the work of the Lord shall be done. And so that work
which shall be done in this hour and the visitation of the Spirit and that
revival that is about to burst upon you shall surely come to pass, and many,
many, many, (as the world would say hordes of) people shall be swept into the
Kingdom. And even in places of this earth of seemingly uttermost darkness, the
light shall shine in, and men and women shall rise up and exercise the authority
that’s theirs on the earth. 

For if two or three of you shall agree on earth in any nation, in any land,
regardless of the government, regardless of the opposition and regardless of
the darkness, if two of you on earth in North America, yes, in South America,
yes, in Central America, yes, in Asia, yes, in Europe, yes, in Australia, yes,
behind the Iron Curtain and any nation of the earth, if two of you shall agree
as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them by My Father
which is in heaven, for whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in

And remember it’s in the first heaven just above the earth where the demons and
evil spirits are ruling whole nations. They must be bound (Isa 27:1-2). And
whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and those spirits
that dominate whole nations and that dominate certain corners of this earth
shall be bound and the light shall shine and the Holy Ghost shall be poured
out. The revival will come and hearts and lives of men and women shall be
blessed and whole nations shall be changed. 

And you shall enter into a new day, a new age – not a new age as man thinks – and
you shall see that there shall be a manifestation at the end of this age, a
portion, a measure of power, the glory, that shall be manifested in the age to
come and you approach that time now, for these are the times of refreshing from
the hand of the Lord, from the presence of the Lord and the time of giving from
the Hand of the Lord and the time of manifestation by the Holy Ghost and the
glory of the Lord. 

So rejoice and be glad – let not your hearts be sad. Neither be pessimistic, but
rather, you look forward to the future with optimism, with gladness and love,
for the light has shined and the glory is revealed. Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory
of God.