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For years, you who are here and you who are hearing, have heard

about the importance of words. But, has it sunk into you? Has it sunk

into the pit of your being?

No, it hasn’t because I have been hearing you. I have been hearing you

murmur and complain. I didn’t tell you to murmur and complain about

how bad it is.

I told you what to say. “The Lord is my helper and I will not fear what

man can do to me.”

Just remember, I told you to listen – but remember, I am listening, too.

Oh, but the one who is listening to do you evil is listening, too. And

what does he listen to? The WORDS. He knows not your mind – he

cannot read it. But your words give him entrance and place – and rob

you from the power and the glory.

You are to be shining now in this lap of the race. Do what I have been

telling you to do. Seek my face (the presence of God), reflect Me and

shine unto Adam’s race. 


Now that is why I have called these meetings – and I HAVE called them.

I have called you to prayer and prayer meetings. This is a prayer

meeting. You meet with each other and you meet with me. And you

pray. And, I put words in you that you are to say. You say them in

tongues and then I give you the interpretation and through that

interpretation you receive - that is how you talk all the week then.

You say what I say and you will shine and men sitting in the darkness

will see the light. And they will come to the light of your rising. The

glory of the Lord is upon you. The glory of the Lord is not only UPON

you, church, but the glory of the Lord is IN you. The glory of the Lord is

in you and it rises upon you and then men can see.

Faith, Love, Power, Life (or Light) is released by the tongue. Your faith

is released in your words. Your love is released in your words. Your

power is released in your words. Your Light shines through your words.

You will shine for Me and for the sake of those who sit in gross


Pray, Pray, Pray. What are you praying? Some of the words through

some of the words you are praying – I am calling them out of darkness

into my marvelous light. 


And so, when a man or a woman or a child can be trusted to be

consistent in what they say, the power will be turned up in their words

and it will, almost immediately, come to pass.

Ask yourself – Can the Lord trust me? Can he trust me to be consistent

with my words? Be honest with yourselves. If you deem that I can

trust you to speak only words of Faith, Love, Glory, Light – If you deem

that – I said unto you - Judge yourself. See whether you be in Faith.

See whether you be in Love. The time is now and I will not be reluctant

to turn up the power in your own mouth. And you will see things come

to pass immediately. Immediately. When I can trust you.

Trust in Me.