Pastor Sara’s Graduation to Glory - From Pastors Max & Quinn

Pastor Sara went home to heaven on June 5, 2022 - Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost commemorates the arrival of the Holy Spirit to His body and heralds the start of the church’s mission to the world. How fitting that she left earth on this day!

Pastor Sara was filled with the Holy Spirit and anyone who met her could visibly see it in her countenance. She walked in humility and meekness - yet was exuberant and tireless in her passion to see people saved, healed, and delivered.

I first met her when Living Word directed me to her prayer group. And my life was forever changed. In quiet faith she warred against the enemy for me personally, for others in her prayer group, and for the many people she joined her faith to in prayer.

Pastor Sara taught at Living Word’s Healing School for many years. She would share testimony after testimony of those who had been healed from heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and more.

She had a passion for learning and would attend many trainings only to come back and share what she had learned with others so we could put faith to action.

As someone said to me, she would always answer her phone, she would take time to listen and to pray with those who called, and more often than not she would physically travel wherever she was needed to give of herself, her talents, and her time in serving others.

Pastor Sara officiated at our second daughter’s wedding. She interceded for us through several major personal crises. She came alongside and helped Max and me in numerous ways when we launched this ministry, including teaching, preaching, and praying.

Our hearts are heavy as her absence from earth is tangible and a great loss, not only to all those blessed to know her or be touched by her personally, but to all those who did not ever have the opportunity to be impacted by her.

We are certain that Pastor Sara is in the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews chapters 11 and 12). She is among those who pleased God by choosing faith, and relied on the Lord to live out that faith well. And she is supporting us in prayer as we finish our race here on earth. I can see her sweet smile now as I write.

As Whitney Hopler says in her January 21, 2022 devotional on, those in the cloud of witnesses “…bear witness to the wisdom of choosing faith in God…”

Whitney continues, “Besides giving us examples of how to live with faith on earth, the people in the cloud of witnesses may also pray for us from heaven. Revelation chapter 5 describes ‘persons from every tribe and language and people and nation’ (verse 9) in heaven together and they are aware of ‘the prayers of God’s people’ (verse 8)…”

The Lord is so good and so gracious to allow us to connect in this manner with His precious ones who have gone before us.

All our love to Pastor Sara, mighty woman of God. We look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing her again.

Please lift up Pastor Sara’s family in prayer as often as you remember her.