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Pastor Max

Max grew up Muslim in a Palestinian family that arrived in Jordan in 1948. He came to the United States in 1993 and accepted Christ in January 2011. God miraculously delivered Max from a grave legal battle and has been moving in a mighty way in Max’s life ever since. 

God not only answers Max’s prayers, he also reveals Himself to Max through dreams and visions with messages for the times we are living in. When Max first started audibly hearing from the Lord, he did not understand what was happening to him or the purpose of these experiences. Max prayed and asked God for clarification and why he was hearing things, and he asked God to show Himself. A few months later, in June 2012, Max was taken to Heaven by Jesus. Jesus told Max, “I need you. The end is coming very soon.” When Max shared his visitation to heaven with his wife, Quinn, she immediately looked up images of Jesus on the internet. Max pointed to the painting of Jesus titled Prince of Peace by Akiane. Max noted that Jesus looks nearly identical to Akiane's painting other than the color of Jesus' eyes which Max observed to be brown or hazel. From that point on, Max has known that his God-ordained assignment is to be obedient and share what the Lord is revealing to him through visitations and dreams, for the purpose of preaching salvation and preparing Christians and the church for the days ahead. 

In the early 1990s, Max angrily walked out of a Living Word Christian Center service where guest minister Billye Brim was speaking on Israel, the Middle East and the prophetic timeline. In 2013, approximately 20 years later, Max met Billye Brim in person at a Dudu Fisher concert in Branson, Missouri. His pastor had recommended that he seek a mentor to help him discern the many dreams and visions he was experiencing. Billye Brim prayed and felt released to mentor Max, and this has greatly impacted his life and ministry. He often shares what he is seeing and hearing with Billye so they can pray over what he has received. Max considers it a grave responsibility to hear correctly before he shares what he hears and sees. Max was ordained by Billye Brim on December 9, 2020. 

Billye Brim Ministries is committed to praying for the nation and the world. Please see for more information about Billye Brim.

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