• Building!

  • ROOF!

    Man of Destiny.

    Man of the Holy Ghost, in the Spirit.

    I’ve allowed you to see some things, saith Jesus. But you’ve only just peeked through the
    keyhole, you know, the little peep hole in the hotel door? The little peephole you have been
    looking through is smaller than that.

    But it’s time to open the door!!! Come on in Max, Man of Destiny.

    Man of Holy Ghost Destiny, the joy and manifestations of the Spirit.

    And as Exodus 23:25 says, “You are serving the Lord your God and I AM blessing your bread
    and water. I have taken sickness from the midst of you and the length of your days you will
    fulfill, and there’s no devil in hell or on the earth that can stop it, saith the Lord!”

    I am the Lord.

    I am YOUR LORD.

    I declared and I put your feet on the road which you have traveled, and I will keep it here, saith
    the Lord.

    Allow no demon to frighten you. Allow no man to frighten you. Because I AM THE MAN, saith

    You are my man, and I am your man!

    We will get this job of ours done, saith the Lord.

    Brother Max, I first want to share w/ you that God has healed me from the multiple myeloma that I was diagnosed w/ by the doctors last Nov. I am in remission and my daily confession is that I am multiple myeloma free, I will never have cancer another day of my life, I am the healed! I want to thank you and Quin for praying for my healing...I got it! Going from a wheel chair to a walker from Jan 2020 to no walker at all and walking on my own again end of July 2020 then showing no signs of cancer is nothing short of a miracle! Then Covid on top of all that and being so isolated from my family (their concern of not wanting to possibly get me sick w/ a lower immune system because of my chemo pills, the medicine I am currently on)this year in a sense forced me to turn to God like never before. He has been nothing short of faithful and kept me sane through the loneliness! How grateful I am.


    Secondly, I wanted to tell you how great if a Blessing you are on the Billye Brim prayer calls (Wed morn, Sun afternoon) and noon prayer on Wednesdays. I am fortunate to be able to be a part of them all. How they bless me. I look forward to them more than anything and although I may feel isolated from the world I truly feel like I am part of something important and know that I am walking in my purpose. So honored to of learned how to pray sitting under Sister Lynne and Pastor Ray at morning prayer at LWCC so many years ago. Then to of joined Sister Billye’s World Wide Prayers I think 6 years ago...the things I’ve learned...I never imagined to of been so blessed! I’m grateful for you and wanted to let you know that you also have helped w/ my faith walk and increased my faith by being faithful to God. I wonder if you had any idea that by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior that one day you would be touching so many lives. I wanted to Thank You! You have made a difference in my life and I am forever grateful to you and your wife! Hopefully some day I can thank you personally and make it to one of your services. God really put it on my heart to share all that with you. Know that you matter and are strengthening faith in others lives! Have a truly Blessed Christmas Brother Max and many many Thank You’s!!! Be Blessed, Cyndy

  • Prophetic Words Spoken Over Pastor Sara

    Dr. Billye Brim: Prayed for impartation to be released. The English word spoken was: “more power for

    Dr. Mahesh Chavda: You will fulfill your purpose and finances will be there.
    Pastor Susan Olson: You are a restorer, restore relationships, families, children. People are drawn to
    you to the peace asking what it is. You bring God’s healing not just physically but also deliverance from
    depression, oppression, …. Give you spirit of discernment. God gives you words to break things off of

    Pastor Joanquin Evans: You’ve got it. You are already doing it. You have the breaker anointing to
    lead others into where they need to go. You love people, show His love, and carry His presence into
    the place.

    Thomas Holloway (Global School of Supernatural Ministry): Regarding prophecy for Children’s
    Healing Center:

    Thank you God that You chose to speak Your holy voice to Sara. I bless the divine compassion coming
    upon her God for those children most in need of Your mercy God, that she would be the mercy of God
    together with those partners you are gathering around her for those children who need the mercy of
    God who hears the cry of the poor, whose eyes are turned towards the widow and orphan.

    Let a divine blueprint be delivered to Sara God; I thank You God for partners you are bringing, and
    Your divine insights, strategies, downloads for Sara and people in agreement with her for provision for
    Your plans. God, You are the one who lifts up this desire that people will be tools in Your hands, guides
    as riverbanks, for the living water you are sending for the healing of the children. Let Your divine timing
    of this gift be released on Sara and her husband for Children’s healing center.

    In early stages it may be different activities and informal; then people coming and saying, ‘Let us give
    you this, we see what is happening’. I thank you for releasing grace and supernatural understanding of
    divine timing, to have boldness and courage to ask, because God has already spoken. Let the divine
    timing be released. I thank You God that You are going to bring this about and I say sooner rather than

    Pastor Mark Lillo: I give you the mantle, a double portion, and you are going to see a greater level of

    Pastor Ray Kelly: You have only seen a glimpse; what God has called you into is a lot bigger than you

    Bob Hazlett: Sara you will bring people freedom from religion.
    Dr. Loretta Blassingame: You have been walking with God for a long time. You have well studied and
    given your life to Him to share God’s love. You have His love, you have been loving people. Lord give
    her a big ministry and finances.

    Pastor Micah Joy Williams: Father, I thank you for Sara. I thank you how You trust her and that her
    shoulders are strong and that she has carried a lot of people along the way; they have been able to
    trust themselves to her. You have seen that she is trustworthy and have already equipped her, and she
    has already said yes to you, being able to carry people and being able to bring them to You. Father, I

    thank you for a refreshing and for bringing her to even more of seeing from Your perspective. I see Him
    lifting you up higher to be seated with Him in heavenly places to see people’s situations and elevating
    your perspective even more.

    Father, thank you for the peace she carries that when she walks into a room, darkness gets stirred up
    but her peace brings quiet and speaks into the chaos and says peace be still. Father it’s You, Jesus as
    You calmed the storm when you were here on earth. God, thank You for giving her the ability to calm
    the storms.

    I see an awakening in your mind to be able to explain and word things in a way people can understand
    and comprehend, like a teacher or author. I see that you can be in two worlds at once, being able to
    connect different frames of reference, different mindsets, and being able to put them on the same page.
    Like being in heaven and on earth at the same time. You can also cross the bridge between different
    cultures, speak to both women and men, be with your peer age and younger generation. It is the design
    of God for you to be able to speak into multiple areas and be effective to different cultures, age groups
    and bridge the gap between cultures, and generations.

    Pastor Jay: I flow through you with ease and with peace. I am going to bring people to you, you don’t
    have to look for them. And as they come to you, they are going to open up their hearts and you are
    going to be able to reach in and bring in healing. Thank You Father. There is a discernment of the
    Spirit, and I am going to give to you. The gift of the discernment of the spirit to break through the
    surface, and get down to the depth of what is going on, just being able to see beyond the surface of
    what people are saying and nail the source, the root right away. God is going to open doors and move
    in a mighty way. Love the ones I have put in front you because I have put them there. More of your
    spirit Lord. Have ears to hear and see your Word of direction, have a clear Word of how to proceed.
    Holy Spirit is all over you, His presence is really with you, His anointing is really on you. By faith move
    on that.

    Julie Carlson: You have special angels assigned to you to keep the enemy away. When you speak,
    there is fire in it, it comes to pass.

    Trisha Frost: Father I thank you for a divine exchange. There is a divine exchange, you empathize,
    you feel others’ pain. You are a jewel in the kingdom.

    Sylvia Acardo: God is teaching you different topics of His kingdom. He wants you to master them and
    minister to people and teach them how to stand up on their own two feet, how to stand up in the spirit,
    how to stand up against the enemy when he comes against them, teach them how to get their identity
    from the Father and call them to the marvelous light of His spirit. The Lord says He is going to do it
    quickly. The Lord is stretching you, Holy Spirit will give you the Words in power and in confidence and
    the Lord is going to increase the power. There is going to be such an impartation into you and coming
    from you that when you lay hands on people there is powe,r for I have filled you with My power says
    The Lord. It is Me living in you and I am stretching you and give you the ability to be stretched to hold
    everything I have deposited in you says the Lord. He is going to cause eyes to turn towards you Says
    the Lord for they will see My Spirit, My peace, My joy, and My love through you, through your eyes,
    through your words says the Lord. Just rest in My Spirit and know that I live in you, that you walk in My
    power, My authority, in My anointing. I have chosen you to be My daughter, I have called you for such a
    time as this says the Lord for the work that My kingdom will work in you and through you. The Lord will
    give you financial provision.