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    Tuesday Evening

    April 13, 2021

    Alignment with the Assignment of God

    *The title of this message (Romans 8:29-30)


    Tongues - You entered a door of boldness.

    Tongues - Gives you sound of victory.

    Tongues - Overturned death’s assignment against your life.

    Tongues - Reverses demonic assignments against you.

    Tongues - You will receive God’s will for you.


    Tongues - Divine agreement of the prayer of our heavenly and earthly with the plans of God.

    *Through tongues, heaven and earth agree!

    **The Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


    Tongues - You will charge your spiritual gift.

    Tongues - We will confuse the devil.

    Jesus (7x)


    Tongues - Building strong anointing with God.

    Tongues - Builds your faith and belief.

    Tongues - Counsel, knowledge, and secrets (3x)


    *As we build our faith and believe, we will receive counsel, knowledge and secrets. **We commune with Him in the spirit.


    Tongues - That the wicked and satan cannot do anything about but to run away.

    Tongues - The devil says every morning, “Oh no, she is up again!”

    Tongues - She is up again!

    Tongues - He is up again!

    Tongues - They are up again!

    Tongues - Deep calling - go to deep.

    *Deep in God is saying go deep into God in yourself.

    **Corinthians 2.

    ***Spirit to spirit – Lord is telling us to “Go on!”

    Tongues - You tapped into the mind of God.


    Tongues - Releasing the winds of God to blow in your life.

    Tongues - Making demands upon the power of God

    *Holy Spirit IS the power.

    Tongues - Remove you from the flesh to God.

    *And to…the supply of the Spirit.

    Tongues - Supply of the Spirit (3x)

    *Philippians – Paul said I know you shall be delivered by my prayers and the supply of the Spirit.

    Tongues - You will have the fire of God in your life.

    Tongues - Cause great damage to the kingdom of darkness.

    Tongues - I’m giving you the power to use.

    Trust in Me..


    *In Hebrew, “Ruah” - the same word for breath and wind and spirit


    **The Holy Spirit told Sister Billye that if we ever feel this is waning, we should read Acts 2.


    ***We’re praying in the power that raised Christ from the dead!!!


    ****Kenneth Hagin – Many people are not the blessing they are to be to others because they do not build themselves up/edify themselves – by praying in the Holy Ghost.

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