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What We Hear The Spirit Saying

written by Billye Brim May 13, 2021

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Re Current Events: What We Are Hearing

For some months now, during our corporate prayer calls [8am Wednesdays, Noon CT Wednesday Live-Streamed Prayer, and 3pm Sunday prayer call] an unusual operation of the Gifts of the Spirit has been happening. A few months ago, now, my former Muslim friend, Max, suddenly began hearing in his mother tongue, Arabic, what I spoke in tongues as we prayed. The Lord said to him, “Listen to what she speaks…”

This is what occurred in Acts 2:6, 7, 11. Brother Hagin pointed out to me years ago that it doesn’t say they “spoke” the various languages from all over the known world, it says they “heard them speak in their own tongue.”

I don’t believe I am speaking in Arabic. However Max says he hears my voice as if Arabic were my mother tongue.

The Lord instructed us to pray for fifteen minutes [and there are always a thousand people on the 8 am Wednesday call; it currently caps off at that number. And many on the other corporate prayer times]. All other pray-ers are muted and Max listens only to me. The Lord has called this “the interpretation of the prayers.” Max writes down what he hears. And it comes rapidly. He said it is impossible for him to do that in the natural. He cannot hear someone speak Arabic and rapidly translate it to English. One can hear the surprise in his voice as he reads back to us what came.

Let me add here. The Scripture references come just as that. A reference. We look them up afterwards and are amazed at how they confirm what the Spirit has just said. We have been hearing for sometime, things involving current events. But I am including here only what we heard yesterday, Wednesday, May 12. The statements are in bold face. The Scriptures I have put in italics. Often phrases are repeated. The number of repetitions is recorded.

I will leave this blog up for one week. And then I will take it down. We have not posted these before and will not in the future. You can get on the calls.

And we are leaving, Wednesday May 12, noon prayer archived for one week so you can see how this happens. (Click Here To Watch)