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October 28, 2019


I was sitting on a wooden bench looking at the Sea of Galilee. I was alone. I was wearing Arabic clothes – a brown dishdasha and flip flops. I was looking at the water. It was early morning. I was facing north, and the sun was on my right. It was peaceful and I could feel a breeze.



November 14, 2019


I had a vision. I was sitting with Jesus on a wooden bench, looking out over the Sea of Galilee. I could see angels all over, hundreds of angels. Some were walking, some were flying, some were talking. I asked Jesus, “What’s going on? What can we do? How can we pray?” I was referring to Israel, division in the U.S. and the world, hatred for Christians, wars… Jesus said, “Nothing. You did everything you could. I have been hearing you and the body. I have been hearing your prayers. I am waiting on the Father to send Me back.” I understood that this is basically the end. Jesus continued, “I’m coming back at the end of the day. Keep praying. I will keep telling you what I want you to know because you have been faithful and obedient to Me and My Father. The course is written; it will take place.”

 I later realized that the bench we were sitting on was a bench that Jesus had made as a


 After this vision, I saw Jesus standing in my bedroom, at the foot of my bed. He was wearing a white robe and had something brown, like a scarf, over his shoulder. He was standing at the corner to my right. He declared, “I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born in the flesh.” Jesus put His

hand on my right foot and said, “I love you, son.” Jesus’ head seemed to almost touch the ceiling fan above my bed. He appeared to be around 6’3” or 6’4”.


November 23, 2019


First Vision (around 3:00 a.m.)


Jesus was seated on the wooden bench that we had sat on together in earlier visions. Jesus was on the bench already and I joined him. I sat down. The Sea of Galilee was in front of us. Jesus pointed at the sky and said, “The sun is down, it’s almost dark. The day is over.” 


Second Vision (around 3:30 a.m.)


Benjamin Netanyahu was sitting down at an outdoor table, maybe a restaurant. I was sitting across from Bibi and could see the Western wall behind Bibi. 

I asked him, “What are you going to do now as far as the elections?”  

Bibi replied, “I have to wait on Trump.” 

Then I said, “Okay, I’ll keep praying for you.”


December 27, 2019


Jesus and I were sitting on the same bench by the Sea of Galilee. The sun was gone - after

sunset. It was the last bit of daylight. 

I was wearing jeans and a shirt and my beige boots. Jesus was on my left, with His elbows

resting on His knees, looking north.

I said, “Lord, we are back here. How are you doing?” Jesus said, “I am doing fine. The sun is

gone, and the day is over. I am waiting on My Father.” 

I said, “I saw you many times before on this bench.” Jesus said, “Yes. This is heaven on earth.”

Jesus looked at me and smiled. 

I had many questions I wanted to ask but none of my words came out. The questions were in

my head, but I couldn’t ask them.


December 28, 2019


Jesus and I were sitting on the bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was evening. Jesus was on my


Across from the bench, standing, were President Trump immediately across from me and

Benjamin Netanyahu immediately across from Jesus. In between Jesus and Bibi, kiddy corner

to Jesus’ left, was King Abdullah of Jordan. 

Trump and Bibi were wearing blue suits. Abdullah was wearing full military gear with a gun in a


There was a bon fire to my right, kiddy corner, between Trump and the bench. 

Bibi spoke to me and said, “I need more prayer.” I replied, “I have been praying for you and I will

continue to do so.” 

I looked at Trump and Bibi and, when the firelight flickered on their faces, I could see tears

running down both men’s cheeks.

 *Yet they know that Jesus is with them.

 Jesus said, “Stop crying because I am with you. The reason I put you in these offices in America

and Israel is to protect My land and protect My children in the last minutes of the last day. You

two are so close to Me and I know that you love Me so much and you love My Father. I am with

you and I will never leave you. You have My protection and My Father’s blessing.”

 Then Jesus said, “Abdullah”. King Abdullah replied, “Yes, Lord.”

 Jesus said, “Make sure your land is open for whatever Benjamin and Trump need it for. You

have My blessing.”

 King Abdullah replied, “Yes, Lord.”

 Bibi and Trump were quiet, listening carefully to the Lord, with tears in their eyes. Abdullah kept

his military stance. He took orders from Jesus and remained silent other than saying, “Yes,


 *Whomever Jesus was talking to, He pointed His right index finger at the person while speaking

while His left hand rested on His knee. He was very calm.


December 31, 2019


Vision – Early Morning


I was sitting on the same bench by the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was on my left side. He had His arms spread wide, one arm behind me. It was evening. There was a big bon fire about fifteen feet in front of us, directly in the middle of the bench. Directly in front of me was a more than half-inch thick wooden bowl. It was unstained and rough. In the bowl was a good-sized fish - cooked - and a loaf of bread. The Lord looked at me and looked towards the food, indicating it was for me. The Lord said to me, “The fish is musht.”  

My wife researched “musht” or “Tilapia Galilea.” This fish is commonly called “Saint Peter’s fish.”


January 2, 2020


Jesus and I were on the same bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was dark and there was a bon fire

fifteen feet in front of us, directly in the middle. The Sea of Galilee was another ten to fifteen feet

beyond the fire. 

Jesus’ hands were together in front of Him, resting on His knees.

 Jesus said, “I ask you to pray for President Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu – that they

make the right decision regarding what is going on right now and what is about to happen in the

Middle East regarding Iran, Syria, Turkey, Hezbollah and Russia.”

 Jesus said to me again (as He said in a previous vision), “The war is here. And yes, it is Ezekiel

38. I (Jesus) am waiting on the Father to come back.”

 I looked at Jesus. He continues to sit and wait for His Father’s command.


January 16, 2020




Jesus was sitting on the bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was totally dark. There was a bon fire. I was walking in front of Jesus, going left, with a knapsack over my shoulder. Jesus asked, “Where are you going? I answered, “I don’t know Lord.” Jesus said, “You will know when you get there.”


January 28, 2020


Jesus and I were sitting on the bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was evening (no light). A bon fire was straight across from us. Jesus said, “Pray against the virus in the U.S. I am waiting on the Father for my second coming.”  

*This is in relation to the visions he showed me earlier regarding the virus in Beijing and the U.S.


Joel 2:25-41

 25 I will give you back what you lost

in the years when swarms of locusts ate your crops.

It was I who sent this army against you.

26 Now you will have plenty to eat, and be satisfied.

You will praise the LORD your God,

who has done wonderful things for you.

My people will never be despised again.

27 Then, Israel, you will know that I am among you,

and that I, the LORD, am your God

and there is no other.

My people will never be despised again.


The Day of the LORD

28 “Afterwards I will pour out my Spirit on everyone:

your sons and daughters will proclaim my message;

your old people will have dreams,

and your young people will see visions.

29 At that time I will pour out my Spirit

even on servants, both men and women.

30 “I will give warnings of that day

in the sky and on the earth;

there will be bloodshed, fire, and clouds of smoke.

31 The sun will be darkened,

and the moon will turn red as blood

before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes.


February 23, 2020




Jesus was sitting in the middle of the bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was pitch dark outside. His hands were crossed over his chest. The bon fire was immediately in front of him with the Sea of Galilee beyond. 

The Lord audibly said to me, “Remember what I showed you in the U.S. and around the world

regarding this virus?” 

I said, “Yes, Lord.” 

Jesus responded, “You must pray to the Father and share with my children to stand with you

and it is very necessary and urgent. Pray or there will be weakness, sickness and death all over

the world.”


February 27, 2020


It was pitch dark and the bon fire was burning.

I was sitting on the bench with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee. He was in the middle of the bench and I was to Jesus’ right. I was holding my Bible from Pastor Keller on my lap and it was open to Ezekiel. Jesus said, “I am waiting on my Father for my second coming. The day is over.”  He put his right arm on my left shoulder. He said, “Be strong and be firm on everything I have told you and shared with you. I am with you, launching your ministry. Keep praying against the virus, keep praying for the economy, and keep praying for people’s souls.”


March 6, 2020




Jesus was sitting in the middle of the bench by the Sea of Galilee. It was pitch dark other than the bonfire. I stood before him to his right. 

The Lord audibly told me that Benjamin Netanyahu will be and IS the prime minister of Israel. The Lord showed me the number “4” in Arabic and then dots – “4…………………………………………………” He said, “The tribulation is here, and the war is here. The rapture is about to happen, and the antichrist will be revealed and free on earth very quickly. I am waiting on the Father.”


May 5, 2020




Jesus was sitting on the bench and I was to his right. We were looking out onto the Sea of

Galilee. It was dark and there was a bonfire. I said, “Lord, what am I doing here?” Jesus said, “I

have a few things to tell you.” His hands were resting on His knees and He turned his head to

look directly at me. He continued, “Tell the church not to be in fear. The church is making a

difference with all their prayers. The church must keep praying so I can move and make a

difference and make a better life and defeat the devil and all his attacks against My children.”

Then the Lord asked, “Did you get it? Do you hear Me? Did you receive this?” I said, “Yes,

Lord.” Jesus said, “Make sure to tell the church and keep praying.”


June 7, 2020


Vision (approximately 3:30 a.m.)


Jesus was on the bench. I was sitting next to Jesus, to His right. We were looking out to the Sea

of Galilee. There was a bon fire and it was pitch dark. The fire was flaming up four to five feet.

 Jesus asked me, “Why are people in so much fear of this virus? Why are they in so much fear

for their finances? Why are they in so much fear of losing everything? When I died on the cross,

My Father’s purpose was to deliver My children from all these things and more. Don’t they

believe in Me? Don’t they believe the power I have through My Father? Don’t they believe that

My children can do ALL things? Don’t they understand when I left earth, I left the Holy Spirit on

earth? Tell the church that I am with them in every struggle and I know that everything will be

greater than great! Tell them to keep praying, standing in unity together. The power of prayer

gives Me the power to deliver My children from all things that have happened and are yet to



September 11, 2020




It was dark. It seemed to be after midnight, darker than dark. There was no moon, and no light,

other than the bonfire. It was windy and the wind was coming from the north. I could hear the

waves crashing. I was standing in front of Jesus who was seated on the bench. The Sea of

Galilee was behind me. Jesus sat with his arms out to each side like he was ready to propel

himself upwards (to stand). Jesus said to me, “The day is not just over. I am ready to return to

earth. All the orders I received from My Father in heaven have been completed. I am waiting on

Him, any moment, to return to earth. All players of the end times have started their last battle on


 *Jesus looked very excited when He was telling me these things. I felt He was ready and

anticipating the next step.

 **The north wind is said to bring rain (Proverbs 25:23), and there is an instance of a windstorm

coming out of the north, accompanied by brilliant flashes of lightning (Ezekiel 1:4).


May 12, 2021


Vision, 3:15 a.m.


It was pitch dark. Jesus was sitting on a bench by the Sea of Galilee, looking at the lake. His arms were crossed on his chest. Jesus said, “I am waiting on My Father.”